Emmanuel Academy of the Deaf

A School for Deaf and Partially Hearing Students in Puerto Rico 





Emmanuel Academy of the Deaf is a private Christian school open to students who are deaf and partially hearing. The school is licensed by the Council of Education of Puerto Rico (Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico) for preschool through grade 8.  We are in the process of receiving approval to offer grades 9-12. All classes are taught in sign language, and the curriculum is bilingual - Spanish and English. Courses include Bible, Spanish, English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. Classes are located on the campus of Calvary Baptist Christian School in Carolina, PR.  For more information about Calvary Baptist Christian School go to http://calvaryschoolpr.com/


New Opportunities

All students deserve opportunities to realize their full potential, and families need support in order to empower their sons and daughters to achieve their goals. For deaf and partially hearing children and youth in Puerto Rico, new doors are open for accessing a quality education.

Our Commitment

There is a growing community of men and women, hearing and deaf, committed to bridging the gaps between the needs of deaf students in Puerto Rico and available quality services. We are passionate about supporting these students and their families and connecting them with the resources and services within Puerto Rico and the deaf community at large.

Registration—  If you would like to register your student at Emmanuel Academy of the Deaf,

you may send us a message on our Contact Page, and we will send you a registration form.